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Perhydrosqualene, Pripure 3759

Formula: C30H62 Molecular Weight: 422.81 Cas No:111-01-3
Skin conditioning; Emollient; Refatting
Chemical formula

雖對肌膚無刺激性,但可滲入肌膚,肌膚無法利用,少量時有滋潤肌膚效果,大量會造成垃圾堆積(取自張麗卿 博客分享)




The saturated portion of emollient ingredient squalene, which is a natural component of human skin sebum (oil). It is a wonderfully moisturizing ingredient as well as being a source of replenishing fatty acids and antioxidants.


Dayse# but comedogenic=1/5, it cause acne

For me this ingredient was very comedogenic. I used it once and the next morning i had a big under the skin painful pimple.

I put Timeless Squalane on my 8 y/o son's cheek because he had a dry patch and the next morning he woke up with a deep pimple. I also broke out with several pimples on my cheeks after using Timeless Squalane, but I thought maybe it was something else in my skin care routine. After what happened to my son, I am sure it was the Squalane.

422.826 g·mol

Squalane is a hydrocarbon derived by hydrogenation of squalene.
In contrast to squalene, due to the complete saturation of squalane, it is not subject to auto-oxidation.
This fact, coupled with lower costs associated with squalane, make it desirable in cosmetics manufacturing, where it is used as an emollient and moisturizer.
The hydrogenation of squalene to produce squalane was first reported in 1916.


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