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Ammonium Laureth Sulfate
Ammonium Lauryl ether Sulfate
Cas No:32612-48-9;67762-19-0
Cleaning agent; Foam Booster

Ammonium laureth sulphate 此物質含乙醚且易被皮膚吸收,常加入於泡泡沐浴精和洗髮精中,對皮膚有傷害,有毒性,致癌物質,會有誘發有機體突變的可能。

The Human and Environmental Risk Assessment (HERA) project performed a thorough investigation of all alkyl sulfates, as such the results they found apply directly to ALS. Most alkyl sulfates exhibit low acute oral toxicity, no toxicity through exposure to the skin, concentration dependent skin irritation, and concentration dependent eye-irritation. They do not sensitize the skin and did not appear to be carcinogenic in a two year study on rats. The report found that longer carbon chains (16–18) were less irritating to the skin than chains of 12–15 carbons in length. In addition, concentrations below 1% were essentially non-irritating while concentrations greater than 10% produced moderate to strong irritation of the skin.





MF: C14H33NO5S MW: 327.48g/mol

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