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CosDNA > Ingredient search > Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract
Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract

Cas No:84650-60-2

Antimicrobial; Antioxidant; Astringent; Emollient; Humectant; Masking; Oral Care; Skin Conditioning; Skin Protecting; Tonic; Uv Absorber
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Last edited:2012-04-28
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2015-06-13 01:29
aka Tea Tree
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2015-06-26 04:57
My bad, it's green tea.
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2017-03-01 03:27
Actually it's any tea. All teas are made from various preparations and harvests of the camellia sinensis leaf. So, it could be any type of tea depending on how the leaf was prepared and when it was harvested, i.e. green, white, black, Darjeeling, Ceylon, Assam, etc.
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