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B-Lab I am sorry just cleansing Natural Cleansing Watery Oil
Ingredient Function Acne Irritant Safety
Isopropyl Palmitate
Solvent, Fragrance, Synthetic ester, Moisturizer 4 1 1
Dicaprylyl Carbonate
Emollient 1
Sorbeth-30 Tetraoleate
Emulsifier 1
Viscosity Control 1
Sorbitan sesquioleate
Emulsifier 1
Solvent 1
Decyl Glucoside
Surfactant 1
Argania spinosa Kernel Oil
Emollient 1
Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil
Moisturizer, Emollient 2 0-2 1
Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil
Emollient 1
Olea Europaea Fruit Oil
Solvent, Fragrance, Emollient, Plant extract 2 0 1
Lavandula Angustifolia Extract
Skin conditioning 1
Monarda Didyma Leaf Extract
Skin conditioning 1
Mentha Piperita Leaf Extract
Skin conditioning 1
Freesia Refracta Extract
Skin conditioning 1
Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract
Fragrance, Skin conditioning 2
Astringent, Plant extract 1
Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract
Fragrance, Skin conditioning 1
Narcissus Tazetta Extract
Skin conditioning, Astringent
Taraxacum officinale
Helianthus Annuus Flower Extract
Skin conditioning
Freesia Alba Flower Extract
Skin conditioning
Brassica Campestris Flower Extract
Skin conditioning, Plant extract
Papaver Rhoeas Flower Extract
Skin conditioning
Malva Sylvestris Extract
Skin conditioning, Anti-inflammatory, Astringent, Emollient 1
Primula Veris Extract
Skin conditioning 1
Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract
Skin conditioning, Astringent 1
Veronica Officinalis Extract
Skin conditioning 1
Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract
Skin conditioning 1-2
Achillea Millefolium Extract
Skin conditioning, Anti-inflammatory 2
Tocopheryl Acetate
Skin conditioning, Moisturizer, Antioxidant 0 0 2-3
Vegetable Oil
Emollient 1
Antioxidant 2 2 1
Fragrance 4
Oxalis Hedysaroides Extract
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Amazing oil cleanser...i like it...feel gentle oily a bit even after double cleanse but its okay its make my face brighter, hydrated, plump, i like it, i hope i will stay with this oily skin... double cleanse is amazing

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