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Algae Extract

Cas No:92128-82-0 ; 68917-51-1
Emollient; Humectant; Masking; Oral Care; Skin Conditioning
Some studies have shown that many seaweed plants are acne-causing and irritating. The high content of iodine may cause skin irritation and penetrate into the pores to accelerate the growth of micro-comedones. In any case, since there are so many types of seaweed and many of them are highly processed in cosmetics, it is impossible to generalize at present, but if you are in a state of sensitive or acne skin, it is recommended to choose products containing algae carefully.




This ingredient is comedogenic!

Pore clogging ingredient


Contrary to popular belief Algae is not necessarily comedogenic to human skin. The most well known comedogenic test was preformed on a rabbit's ear not human skin. Algae can be beneficial to acne prone skin as it is a anti-inflamitory ingredient. The comedogenic table is a reference it's not absolute people's skin will respond differently to different ingredients what breaksout one might not breakout another. Please stop fear mongering this beneficial ingredient.


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