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Skincare products
2018-08-25 22:18
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I haven't used any skincare products on my skin till now. I'm planning to get them since my skin is becoming dry and dull after being exposed to pollution. I don't know if I should go for medical grade skin care products or the normal cosmetic skin care products? Which d you think is better and is more good for skin for a prolonged usage?

2018-09-05 21:40
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It depends on your age and skin condition, but from what you shared, medical grade care is totally unnecessary unless you have an event coming up or are otherwise impatient for gentle skin improvement. Your best bet is to add a sunscreen to your regimen first. Then include a light moisturizer that suits your dry skin best (move to thicker creamy ones if necessary, or only use a cream at night). Ingredients should include a humectant, skin identical compound, barrier restoring agent, and (for some people) an occlusive. Check out the last section of this article for the list of ingredients you should look for: If you want an active for dullness, then research supports a vitamin C serum to use at night and you may rotate it with an exfoliant (lactic acid or salicylic acid).

Avoid products that do not list ingredients and the package is not airtight. Just because it comes from a spa or clinic doesn't mean it's not harmful. CosDNA will tell you if it's a safe formulation for prolonged use. Products without preservatives should be avoided entirely unless you have the money to use it up in a few weeks and buy another fresh batch. Lastly, don't forget to treat your neck and hands to the same care.

In short:
AM: gentle cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen
PM: gentle cleanser, vitamin C serum (on alternate days use exfoliant), moisturizer (or cream)

Using safe ingredients means being patient. Skin restoration can take up to a couple of months, but you should start seeing changes in a few weeks or less.

2019-06-08 14:04
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Well, you always go for a natural skin care cream which does not use any harmful element that may cause an unwanted side effects, In the market there are many skin care product are available, and a newly launched is Skin Science CBD Serum which is made up of CBD spectrum.

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2020-10-08 13:15
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I would love to suggest you opt skin care products according to your skin type and skin needs. While choosing skin care products, it is always better to go with dermatologically recommended brands like Cetaphil ( ) since it is much safer to be used with good results. Using skin care products suitable for our skin textures gives effective results than using inappropriate skin care products. Since your skin is turning out to be dry and dull due to these drastic climatic conditions, choose a pH-balanced non-comedogenic moisturizer for dry skin with UVA/UVB defense technology so that it can provide an all in one action. After choosing a suitable product for your skin, do a proper ingredient analysis of it using CosDNA. I've found it to be really helpful.
Thank you and hope you feel better soon

2021-10-11 20:47
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