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Non pore blocking cream/moisturizer
2017-10-07 03:24
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Hi everyone!

I've been on the hunt for a good cream/moisturizer for daily use that is not acne causing or pore blocking. I have oily, acne prone skin, I'm 22 so I'm not as concerned with anti aging but I appreciate preventative products. I'm not extremely concerned with price, within reason (up to $150 at most). I appreciate any recommendations you may have! (And let me know if there are any other amazing skincare products you're loving! I am a total junkie).

Thanks in advance everyone!

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Girl, email me ([email protected]). LimeLight by Alcone has THE BEST skincare line. Leaping Bunny Cert. and chemical free. So effective! –
2017-10-14 02:53
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I would definitely recommend either Jojoba oil or Argan oil. Make sure to get one that is 100% pure. They are super moisturizing and non comedogenic. Personally, I use Argan oil on my face, hair and nails and I loooove it (I have normal to combination skin). I've read that Jojoba oil works better for oily skin because its not technically an oil. I prefer using oils to creams just because its a lot more natural and you don't have to worry about those unnecessary ingredients.

2017-10-23 02:56
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I personally recommend using oils because in my experience creams have been comedogenic. I personally use rosehip oil because it lightens acne scars and balances the oil production in the skin but really most oils are not heavy and seep up into the skin. Just make sure the oils you try either have a balance of linoleic acid and oleic acid or have a higher percentage of linoleic acid because acne prone skin tends to have lower levels of linoleic acid. Hope this helped!

2017-11-15 03:07
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Try tatcha, their skincare line is amazing. Natural, which is good for sensitive skin, and quality is top-notch, as you would expect from a luxury japanese line.

I have combination oily skin that is sensitive. Delt with acne until my early 20s, so I understand your pain, and it finally cleared now that I'm in my mid-20s (not from growing out of it, but from finally using the right products).

I recommend tatcha's:
-Silk Cream $120 - this is better for winter, it's very moisturizing, but not too much for combination/oily skin,
-Water Cream $68 - this is all the rage right now, it's water-based, oil-free moisturizer that is somehow very hydrating. Less moisturizing than the silk cream, but perfect for very oily skin. I'm not sure why it's so much cheaper than the silk cream, but in my opinion, it's just as good.

2018-07-26 11:39
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Skinfood aloe Vera soothing gel 93% is the best moisturizer I’ve come across

2018-08-02 21:44
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Try benton aloe propolis soothing gel or hydrators from the ordinary product

2019-10-26 14:20
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Ive just discovered sorbolene cream. I love argan oil around my eyes but its not moisturising enough on its own for me. I also tried the skin food aloe vera gel that someone on here recommended but i ended up with irritation as this also wasn"t enough moisture. I tried them together and still didnt work. I knew I really needed a moisturiser. I finally found pharmacy health sorbolene cream. Its literally saved my skin. Ive had so many problems over the last few years its been such a relief. i can wear it under makeup and as a night cream and its super cheap.Absolutely no irritation and no pimples. Not all sorbolene creams pass the cosdna test though so check them all out. This one has a 2 for acne and a 2 for irritants which is low enough for me.

2019-11-07 11:33
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Oat so simple water cream ( do not recommend for dry skin only oily skin )

2021-10-15 00:28
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I use this - ishonest 151

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