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IsNtree Hyaluronic Acid Toner
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Age: 45~49  Skin: Combination Sensitive
2018-01-30 21:41
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This, along with the Chica y Chico Texture toner, is of the best toners I've ever, ever used!
No nonsense or superfluous ingredients, yet a very balanced and effective ingredients list.

Full to the brim with incredible ingredients, non acne triggering, really works on my 40ies mixed skin, with a rather oily (and biggish-pored) T-zone, with dry cheeks. So gentle, and effective!

This has managed to calm my skin down completely, I am using it twice a day right after cleansing, double patting it into my skin, followed by serums etc.

My skin has become very elastic again with the use of this, and feels much stronger, esp. for I am using different retinols about three to four times a week - this calms my skin down in seconds, and the low-balanced ph is very pleasant.

I am using Isntrees Green Tea Toner as well, esp. in summer it keeps my complexion matte and oil-free, I've decanted some into a little spray bottle and use it throughout the day. Really keeps irritations and spots at bay!

Both work outstandingly with my foundation as well as the sunscreen, no rolling, but a thoroughly hydrated base, which saves my skin all day.

(And they got a Bunny Award - no cruelty to animals, which is a wonderful extra!)
Age: 45~49  Skin: Combination Sensitive
2018-01-30 23:07

By the way: There's this everlasting myth you cannot combine Vitamin C and niacinimide in one routine, as "they cancel out each other"....

This is NOT true.... read this and weep (considering all the waiting times etc. we've been spending....):


You CAN absolutely use the two together!!
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