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p-Hydroxyacetophenone CAS No: 99-93-4
P-hydroxyacetophenone is a natural plant extract, which exists in the stems and leaves of Artemisia scoparia of Compositae, the roots of Artemisia capillaris, Arubaceae plants, ginseng waierteng and other plants.
(1) New cosmetic raw materials with anti-corrosion and synergy promotion;
(2) It is effective for fungi and needs to be combined with traditional preservatives, which can reduce or even avoid the use of traditional preservatives (phenoxyethanol, Nepalese gold and other traditional preservatives) and accelerate sterilization more comprehensively.
(3) Anti-oxidation, anti-stimulation, emulsifying stabilizer and product protective agent;
(4) It is called green without added preservatives as it is not included in the cosmetic anti- corrosion list;
(5) Used as preservatives in masks, wet wipes, and water-based cosmetics.

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