Dicaprylyl ether
Dioctyl ether
分子式:C16H34O 分子量:242.44 Cas No:629-82-3
Chemical formula

【Dicaprylyl Ether】

Rating: GOOD
Benefits: Hydration
Categories: Emollient

Dicaprylyl ether is an oil derived from caprylic acid, a fatty acid found in coconut and palm kernel oils. It functions as a skin conditioning agent (emollient) and texture-enhancing ingredient to create aesthetically pleasing formulas.

Suppliers of this ingredient tout its ability to provide smooth spreadability and a non-greasy feel to skin.

As a raw material, it is described as a clear oily liquid and may be plant-derived or synthetic.

Dicaprylyl ether is used in all kinds of beauty products including skin care, makeup and hair care.

Although the Expert Panel for Cosmetic Ingredient Safety expressed that they are not concerned about the safety of this ingredient, they have not issued a formalized report on it due to insufficient data. Usage levels typically range from 1–8%, and it is sometimes used as a replacement for silicones since it has a similar silky feel.


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