CI 15850
Pigment Red 57, D&C Red No.6, Red 7 Lake, Red 6 Lake, Red 6, D&C Red #6, Lithol Rubine, Lithol rubin B
分子式:C18H12N2Na2O6S 分子量:430.3 Cas No:5858-81-1
Chemical formula




CI 15850
CI 15850 is a fluorescent-based dye and is known by multiple names such as Red 6. Red 6 lake, Red 7, Red 7 lake, or pigment red 57. It is used in a range of cosmetic products like foundations, lipsticks, and blushes. Red 6 ingredient generally has aluminum in it and serves the purpose of providing its orangish, reddish, or brownish pigment to cosmetic products. The chemical formula of CI 15850 is C18H12N2Na2O6S.

What is CI 15850 used for?
CI 15850 in cosmetics is used as a colorant. It is used to add orange-brown-reddish color to the makeup products like lipsticks, foundations, face powders, and hair colorants. The color of CI 15850 depends on the solvent and concentration used.

Red 7 lake or CI 15850 is industrially prepared by precipitating them with metal salts such as calcium, barium, and aluminum. CI 15850 artificial colors or dyes are synthetically made from petroleum or coal tar.

Safety Profile of CI 15850
CI 15850 is safe to be used unless it is used in products that are applied around the eyes like eye creams, or products that can be inhaled like perfumes. This is because the eyes provide a greater risk of absorption of CI 15850 into the body, whereas products with this ingredient that can be accidentally inhaled can cause respiratory problems.

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