Castor Oil
Ricinus Communis Oil, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil
蓖麻油, 蓖麻籽油
分子式:C57H104O9 分子量:933.4 Cas No:8001-79-4
柔潤劑、香料、保濕劑、肌膚調理劑、滑順劑、溶劑,滋潤保溼,含蓖麻油酸 (Ricinoleic acid),具有特殊氣味。
Chemical formula

Although not very high on the comedogenic scale and is rarely so, I did notice some small red bumps/rash type irritation underneath my eyes when I used organic castor seed oil for my lashes and lash line. I’ve read other people have experienced similar problems when using this in such a delicate area. I also experienced some odd breakouts when I added a few drops in with my other oils and serums and my face only went back to normal after I ceased use.
I’d still recommend for lashes and brows, just try to avoid the lash line and skin.

Also curious about a moisturizer that does con skin this as one of the ingredients but I’m not sure it would be concentrated enough (like what I was using) to cause any adverse effects.. hmm. Curious on y’all’s opinions!


Same here, allergic to castor oil, with chapped and swollen lips. My mouth corners also cracked sometimes if I use a lipstick made of castor oil.

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