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Cocos Nucifera Fruit Juice
Coconut Fruit Juice, Coconut Milk
Cas No:8001-31-8
Emollient; Humectant; Skin and hair conditioning

椰漿,又稱椰汁、椰子汁、椰奶,從成熟的椰子的椰肉中榨出來的奶白色液體,是一種植物奶,而區別於椰子中原有的半透明香甜味液體。其顏色與濃郁的味道緣於它的高油量與高糖份。椰漿是東南亞與南亞國家重要的食品調味料。在馬來西亞與印度尼西亞,椰漿被稱為「參丹」,在菲律賓,它被稱為「咖塔」。 「椰漿」這個詞也可指為椰子裡的液體。

Does anyone know if coconut milk causes breakouts like coconut oil does? I’m thinking of trying a homemade shampoo recipe that uses coconut milk but am worried the oil in it will make my back/face/chest break out since I’m acne prone. Thank you!

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