Myristyl Myristate
Formula: C28H56O2 Molecular Weight: 424.7 Cas No:3234-85-3
Emollient; Opacifying agent; Skin conditioning
Chemical formula
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What it is
Myristyl Myristate is a yellowish or white waxy solid formed by combining Myristyl Alcohol and Myristic Acid, a naturally occurring fatty acid.

What it does
Myristyl Myristate is an emollient that gives skin a smooth appearance.
It is also used in cosmetics because it gives a soft feel to formulas, provides an opacifying or glossy effect and has thickening properties.

Side effects
Myristyl Myristate is very comedogenic and can cause breakouts.

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MF: C28H56O2 MW: 424.7g/mol

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【Myristyl Myristate】

Rating: GOOD
Benefits: Hydration
Categories: Texture Enhancer, Emollient, Occlusive/Opacifying Agent

Myristyl myristate is the ester of the fatty alcohol myristyl alcohol and fatty acid myristic acid. The result is a highly versatile cosmetic ingredient that works to enhance texture, improve spreadability, add opacity to creams, serums and lotions, offer skin-softening emollient properties, and offer a non-greasy occlusive finish that helps prevent dehydration.

Usage levels in cosmetics range from 1–10% depending on formulary needs such as desired aesthetics. It is considered safe as used in cosmetics.

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