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Hamamelis Virginiana Water
Witch Hazel Water

Cas No:84696-19-5
Astringent; Hair Conditioning; Skin Conditioning; Soothing
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Stings my face, makes it red, tight and swollen

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Witch Hazel(金縷梅)

可能具有抗氧化 (出處: Phytotherapy Research, June 2002, pages 364-367; and Journal of Dermatological Science, July 1995, pages 25-34) 和部分抗皮膚刺激的效果 (出處: Skin Pharmacology and Applied Skin Physiology, March-April 2002, pages 125-132),然而,根據消費者化妝品成分字典 (出處:Consumer Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients, Fifth Edition, Ruth Winter, 1995, Random House),金縷梅的酒精含量高達70~ 80%,而金縷梅液的酒精含量也有15%,酒精可能會造成皮膚刺激,金縷梅也含有大量的單寧 (單寧是一種強力的抗氧化物),在剛燙傷時使用擦拭單寧可以減輕水腫,但是在皮膚上一再擦拭單寧可能會造成皮膚刺激。

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