Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin
Formula: C63H112O42 Molecular Weight: 1541.5 Cas No:128446-35-5
Surfactant; Emulsifier; Stabilizing agent
Chemical formula
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MF: C39H66O31 MW: 1030.9g/mol

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【Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin】

Rating: GOOD
Categories: Chelating Agent, pH Adjuster/Stabilizer

Hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin is a plant-derived or synthetic carbohydrate that functions as a chelating agent and stabilizer in skin care formulations, including moisturizers, eye creams, and rinse-off products.

It can also be found in hair care and deodorant products. As a chelating agent, it binds with metal ions or metallic compounds, preventing them from adhering to a surface (such as skin, hair, or clothing) or causing contamination, such as in the case of trace amounts of iron.

Hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin is considered safe for use in cosmetics and has also been deemed safe for oral consumption (where its application, of course, differs from that of cosmetics).


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