Formula: C14H12O3 Molecular Weight: 228.24 Cas No:501-36-0
Antioxidant; Skin Protecting, polyphenolic antitoxins produced by plants (antibiotics used by plants to resist attacks), which exist in red grape skins; mulberries; berries; bilberries; cranberries and other plants can also be produced by chemical methods. It has a variety of medical and cosmetic effects, including anti-virus; anti-aging; anti-inflammatory, mainly for preventive supplementation rather than therapeutic use[1].
[1] Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,
Chemical formula
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白藜芦醇是多酚类化合物,主要来源于花生 、葡萄(红葡萄酒)、虎杖、桑椹等植物。白藜芦醇对皮肤具有令人难以置信的保护作用,当局部应用时,白藜芦醇可防止日晒伤害,改善胶原蛋白的合成和减少细胞损伤,是一种稳定,有效的抗氧化剂。赋予肌肤细胞6倍强度的强效保护,帮助抵御环境的伤害,给予受损细胞更长的自我修复周期。

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