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Polyglyceryl-6 Polyricinoleate

Cas No:29894-35-7; 107615-51-0; 114355-43-0
W/O Emulsifier
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Polyglyceryl-6 Polyricinoleate: complex ester of a polymer of Ricinoleic Acid and Polyglycerin-6. C30H30N4O8. Safe for fungal acne.

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Oops, it's actually ***Not*** safe for fungal acne / Pityrosporum (Malassezia) Folliculitis, due to being derived from Ricinoleic acid

Ricinoleic acid, formally called 12-hydroxy-9-cis-octadecenoic acid is a fatty acid. It is an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid and a hydroxy acid. t is a major component of the seed oil obtained from mature Castor plant seeds or in sclerotium of ergot. About 90% of the fatty acid content in castor oil is the triglyceride formed from ricinoleic acid. C18H34O3.

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