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Santalum Album Oil
Sandalwood Oil, Santal Oil

Formula: C30H48O2 Molecular Weight: 440.700 Cas No:8006-87-9; 84787-70-2
Fragrance, with astringent, anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic and soothing properties, are helpful for oily and seborrheic problems. It is one of the main essential oils used in Chromatherapy and may cause acne.

For skin care, it has mild drying, astringent and mild anti-inflammatory effects, but it is recommended to use it with other plant extracts according to the skin problems encountered [1].
[1] Suzanne Catty, Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy, 2001/3.
Chemical formula
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Categories: Fragrance: Synthetic and Natural, Irritant, Antioxidant

Fragrant oil (Latin name Santalum _album_) that can cause skin sensitivity, especially when used in pure concentrations. Sandalwood oil is a must to avoid if you have extra-sensitive skin or normally react to fragrance.

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