Cas No:31694-55-0
Moisturizer, Dispersing agent
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MF: C9H20O6 MW: 224.25g/mol

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Rating: GOOD
Benefits: Hydration
Categories: Texture Enhancer, Emulsifier, Emollient

* Synthetic, glycerin-based ingredient
* Used as a moisturizing and thickening ingredient in cosmetics
* Is used in concentrations up to 39.5% in rinse-off products and 6% in leave-on formulas
* Ruled safe as used in cosmetics

Glycereth-26 is a synthetic glycerin-based ingredient used as a humectant (moisture-binding agent) and thickener in cosmetics. In its raw form it is a slightly viscous liquid.

Glycereth-26 is used in rinse-off products in concentrations up to 39.5% and leave-on products in amounts up to 6%. The independent Cosmetic Ingredient Review panel has deemed glycereth-26 safe as it is used in cosmetics.

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