FD&C Blue No.1
Brillant blue FCF, Brilliant blue FCF, CI 42090, FD&C Blue 1 Aluminium Lake, FD&C Blue #1, Food Blue 2, Blue 1, Blue 1 Lake, Acid blue 9, Erioglaucine A, Acid Blue 9 Aluminum Lake
Formula: C37H34N2Na2O9S3 Molecular Weight: 792.9 Cas No:3844-45-9; 2650-18-2; 37307-56-5; 68921-42-6
Cosmetic Colorant; Hair Dyeing
Chemical formula
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等同 CI 42090

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The safety of Blue No.1 varies based on how it is used, it is completely safe for topical use in beauty products.

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Is FD&C Blue 1 safe for the skin? Safety Profile of CI 42090
CI 42090 has been deemed safe for use on skin and hair, even though it is synthetic. It does not pose any risk unless it is consumed.

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