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Posted on 2018-02-16 , Data Source: Product's Label
Ingredient Function Acne Irritant Safety
Astringent 1
Solvent 1
Butylene Glycol
Solvent, Fragrance, Viscosity Control, Skin conditioning, Moisturizer 1 0 1
Dipropylene glycol
Solvent, Moisturizer 1-2
Solvent, Viscosity Control, Skin conditioning, Moisturizer 0 0 1-2
Solvent 1
Fragrance, Antioxidant 6
Polyglyceryl-6 Caprylate
Emollient, Emulsifier 1
Polyglyceryl-10 laurate
Emulsifier 1
Sodium chloride
Viscosity Control 0-3 1
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This is one of my top skin toners to use as it is gentle and keeps skin moisturized for the next steps in my skincare routine. None of the ingredients are pore-clogging or irritants for the skin. This toner is one of the safest toners for anyone to use.

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