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Ingredient Function Acne Irritant Safety
Solvent, Viscosity Control, Skin conditioning, Moisturizer 0 0 1-2
Coconut Oil
Fragrance, Skin conditioning, Moisturizer, Emollient, Plant extract 5 1 1
Solvent 1
Stearic Acid
Surfactant, Viscosity Control, Emulsifier 2 0 1
Lauric Acid
Emulsifier 4 1 1
Lauryl Betaine
Surfactant, Antistatic 1
Potassium Hydroxide
pH Adjusters 2-5
Viscosity Control, Antistatic, Moisturizer 1
Rose (0.5%)
Astringent 1
Fragrance 4
Camellia Oil
Skin conditioning, Emollient 1
Antioxidant 2-3 2 1
Green Tea Seed Oil
Antioxidant 1
Sunflower Seed Oil
Fragrance, Skin conditioning, Antioxidant, Plant extract, Emollient 0 0 1
Olive Oil
Solvent, Fragrance, Emollient, Plant extract 2 0 1
Apricot Seed Oil
Emollient, Plant extract 3-5 0 1
Yeast (0.01%)
Skin conditioning 1
Basil Oil
Lemon Peel Oil
Skin conditioning 4-6
Lime Oil
Fragrance, Skin conditioning 1-4
Pot Marjoram Oil
Orange Seed Oil
Ylang Ylang Oil
Anti-inflammatory 3
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I give this 4 of 5 stars. From my review: The SU:M37 is the starlet of my cleansing wardrobe. I bought it because it has gotten almost unanimous rave reviews from Korean beauty aficionados of all skin types. Part of the reason why it's so attractive is the innovative, ultra-portable packaging. Others really enjoy that the cleanser revolves around rose with its scent profile and the little rose petals suspended in the formula. But the main reason why it is SO unique and highly lauded is because it is a solid/soap with an optimal pH of 5.5. A SOAP with the right pH almost NEVER happens. It's like finding a needle in a haystack as most soaps, even the chi-chiest (most luxurious/costliest) soaps in the department store don't hit that 5.5 pH number. See more at:

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