Ascorbyl Glucoside
Ascorbic acid 2-glucoside, AA2G
Formula: C12H18O11 Molecular Weight: 338.26 Cas No:129499-78-1
Whitening ;Antioxidants, can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase. Water-based vitamin C derivatives, with neutral pH and low to moderate stability, can be refrigerated before the product is unopened to slow down the rate of active degradation [2]. It is soluble in oil and water, and needs to be adjusted to neutrality with an alkaline agent, and pH 6~7 can prolong the active storage time.

Due to the oxidative properties of pure vitamin C, it is not easy to store, so such derivatives have been developed to combine vitamin C with metal salts to maintain better stability, improve safety, and have fewer side effects such as irritation [3].
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Chemical formula
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