Buxus Chinensis Oil
Boxus Chinensis Oil, Jojoba Oil, Oleum Simmondsiae californicae, Jojoba Olaj, Jojoba Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil
Moisturizer, Emollient
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[2] Ruth von Braunschweig, Pflanzenöle, Qualität, Anwendung und Wirkung, 2009.
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Jojoba oil在网上很多说明里都认为是一种不致粉刺、无刺激,适合痘皮、油皮的成分。不知道这里面的致粉刺性是否确切,依据是什么?或者是它的某些种类有致粉刺性,比如精炼加工的霍霍巴油?

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Jojoba oil is my nemesis. I used to have normal, non-sensitive skin. But after trying lotions and serums that contained jojoba oil, I had the WORST breakouts in my life. Cystic pimples and milia, all over my cheeks, around my mouth and forehead. It took a while to figure out that what caused my breakout was jojoba oil, but I had to make couple trips to dermatologists to get rid of horrible breakouts, and it took me months to get rid of acne scars. It turned my skin into acne-prone, sensitive. I used to wear any products without any problems but now I've got sensitive skin, I have to choose makeups/skincare very carefully.

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Can be comedogenic for some, but is overall an effective, soothing ingredient.

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