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Lightweight, Dewy Foundation?
2020-05-06 12:02
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I'm looking for a lightweight, dewy foundation that will last but won't make me break out or look more oily. I was using Undone Beauty's foundation which I loved but just searched and it has 2 ingredients at a 4 and 5 on the acne scoring. So bummed.

2020-05-28 20:43
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Clinique Even better makeup broad spectrum SPF 15 is a great moderate coverage foundation that looks natural

2020-05-29 04:08
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It's a bit late, but Missha's CC cream in the tube w a pump is my personal favorite for summer. It is very limited with it's color range because it's a Korean product so is only a good option if you're light skinned. That said, it is nice and lightweight, blends well with a moisturizer so it's easy to adjust your coverage level, and it also plays well with setting powder if you want to minimize dewiness. It stays really well and doesn't rub off a ton. The coverage is medium to high so you get a natural look finish without needing to use concealer. It's about $10-14 on Amazon so it's also super cheap.

For American products I really like The Ordinary's serum foundation. It's light and a bit dewy. The biggest downside is that it does rub off a bit and the coverage fades a lot by the end of the day. You absolutely have to use a primer with it.

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