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Do i need to use double cleanse in this situation?
2020-07-27 15:14
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I am using only a little bit of lightweight sun screen (heliocare spf 50 light gel cream) i am using only one pump for all of my face and i use nothing else. Throught the day since for the most of the time i am in the home i dont renew it with applying or using it again. So in this case i think Cerave foaming cleanser would be enough for me but i am not here to tell you about what i think. I am here to ask you about what do you guys think? Should i still use double cleanser or Cerave would be enough?

2020-07-28 12:52
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I would like to know anyone’s thoughts opinions or experience on this topic as well. I have sensitive skin but I wonder if I should try double cleansing when I have sweaty days or when I wear makeup. Thank you

2020-08-06 00:20
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I'd like to know what folks think as well. I have had the following routine since the pandemic started: a bit of sunscreen or moisturizer which I remove at night with micellar water and then a face wash. Should I be washing one more time?

2020-08-07 19:05
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If you apply sunscreen, even once a day, i think you should do double cleansing. Because water-based cleansers are not enough to clean an oil-based product like sunscreen. I heard from some skin professionals that micellar water is also an option for double cleansing, but personally, I felt that miceller was not enough to clean and began to use an oil cleanser.

Last edited: 2020-08-07 19:06

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