Tetradecyl Aminobutyroylvalylaminobutyric Urea Trifluoroacetate
Cas No:934368-60-2

Company: DSM Nutritional Products, LLC
INCI name: Glycerin (and) Aqua (and) Tetradecyl Aminobutyroylvalylaminobutyric Urea Trifluoroacetate (and) Magnesium Chloride
SYN®-HYCAN is a tripeptide that helps fight skin sagging by boosting the hyaluronan content in the skin. This tripeptide also increases the expression of decorin and lumican - two important proteoglycans that support the formation of new collagen fibrils, increasing their quality and strength with a visibly re-modelled effect.


【Tetradecyl Aminobutyroylvalylaminobutyric Urea Trifluoroacetate】

Rating: BEST
Benefits: Anti-Aging
Categories: Peptides

Tetradecyl aminobutyroylvalylaminobutyric urea trifluoroacetate (say that five times fast!) is a synthetic tripeptide said to help improve skin’s hyaluronic acid content. This improves its ability to maintain surface hydration and helps to visibly restore a firmer appearance.

Clinical studies from this ingredient’s supplier show that it helps improve the “biomechanical properties” of skin.

This means ongoing use helps to improve skin’s ability to bounce back when stretched, something which naturally declines with age and is compounded by cumulative environmental damage. It was also shown to smooth rough texture and decrease wrinkle volume, although the latter benefit was also achieved with a placebo product. These studies were done on human skin and objectively measured over a period of 8 weeks.

In vitro data indicate that this peptide helps support skin’s underlying elements, further contributing to the look and feel of firmer, smoother skin.

This peptide is supplied as a liquid, with the peptide combined with magnesium chloride and glycerin or similar substances to enhance skin compatibility and improve penetration. The recommended usage levels of tetradecyl aminobutyroylvalylaminobutyric urea trifluoroacetate in such blends is 2–3%.


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