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(Carboxypolymethylene, Carbopol, Cabomer)

Cas No:9007-16-3; 9003-01-4; 9007-17-4; 76050-42-5; 9062-04-8
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Hydrophilic Thickener; Emulsion Stabilizer; Suspending agent; Gel Forming
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2015-04-11 07:42
卡波莫 1%稠到像麥芽糖 一般約0.5%計算
2018-05-28 13:13 
Group of synthetic texture enhancers used primarily to create gel-like formulations. High amounts of carbomers in a gel may result in the product rolling or balling up of cosmetic products on skin, but this phenomenon depends on other formulary steps taken to minimize this effect.
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